No time like the present

So blogging…

Besides the comforting fact that my life is EXTREMELY important and EVERYONE wants to be privy to my neat sweater/pant combos, the adorable shenanigans my dogs get into (like omg SO adorable) and how demure-yet-edgy I can look while snapping pics of me enjoying life to the fullest – I did find some really meaningful and constructive reasons for creating this public documentation of my existence. They are as follows:

  1. I needed a project. I am a project driven gal and I start to get twitchy and neurotic when I have nothing to focus all my energy on. It was either this or continue to redecorate my home every month. This is definitely more cost effective (*bonus reason right there: I’m now richer!). Winning already.
  2. I was reading a post in which blogger Joshua Becker highlights 15 ways that blogging impacts your life (deep right?). What peaked my interest the most was how blogging can provoke and inspire living intentionally. Blogging can help you to become a better (if not simply more practiced) thinker and be purposeful with the things you are doing. I mean – I think we could all benefit from some extra ‘thinks. I’m coming for you purposefulness!
  3. I simply adore using bizarre and excessive punctuation (!!!!!!!) and rambling FOR DAYS about brilliant or hilarious topics that IIIIIIII find fascinating. I don’t text or email enough to keep up with these endearing tendencies – so yeah, you guessed it. Blogging was the logical next step. Buckle up universe.
  4. My final reason and shout out for getting this beaut up and running is my dear, dowdy sister. She has looked up to me her entire life and turns to me and me alone for fashion advice, makeup and hair tips, cool places to ‘hang’, how to be a terrific human and how to live a great life. After years of persistent pestering for me to start a future award-winning, lifestyle blog – her dreams are finally coming true. This one’s for you girl.

Here goes nothing.


  1. The droll and dowdy sis is waiting with baited breath to see what wisdom you shall impart – and in what witty ways you shall do it! x

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