A Rambling Introduction

imageLogan Alisha Bristow

aka: Logie-Perogie, Loges, Loge, Logie, ‘Babe’

I am one of four siblings (some might say the loudest one.. I think they definitely say that…) and the only redhead (oh-natural-baby) in a fam-jam of six. Ma and Pa chose to raise their small army just outside of Vancouver and there we enjoyed a sweet, sweet, adventure packed, ‘mom-whistled-for-us-to-come-home-for-dinner’ kind of childhood. The best. It will become clearer over time how obsessed and conceited I am about my family. It’s terrifying how great we think we are. But much more on that later.

My claim to fame is that I was born with a cleft lip and palate (because the flaming red hair wasn’t enough to take my folks by surprise) and became a world-famous author because of it. Growing up, I was desperate for resources and guides on what to expect on this ever-changing journey. These were unfortunately in short/non-existent supply. The most logical solution: write my own dang book documenting my journey and provide that as a resource for families going through similar experiences, offering a peak into what might lie ahead. Teaming up with my mama – I co-wrote and published “Making Faces: Logan’s Cleft Lip and Palate Story”.


This nifty book was provided for every family of a child born with a cleft lip and palate in Canada. To this day, the book continues to provide me with inspiring and wonderful experiences as people reach out and share how useful it has been and how it has helped de-mystify this unexpected venture. Go clefties go!


imageI met my husband at summer camp (the movie version of our love story is currently in production – Teenagers? Hormones? Summer camp? The ocean? Step aside “A Walk To Remember” – you ain’t got nothing on us) and after a courtship full of DMB concerts, sheepishly confessing ‘I love you’ and spending millions on gas money commuting – Kevin finally came to his senses and popped the question. We have moved twice, adopted two pups (the vain one featured above), fought primarily about housework and finances (spicy no?), and are continually trying to navigate married life. I cannot wait for the day when we are finally PERFECT at marriage and NEVER have to work at it AGAIN. I’m thinking (fingers crossed) within the next year. I’ve already bought champagne to celebrate.

So that’s me in a nutshell:

  1. Obnoxiously arrogant about her family (stay-tuned).
  2. Only writes books about herself.
  3. Plans on winning marriage.

… Like me so far?


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