Europe Trip: Notre Dame de Paris

Sleep-deprived-zombies. Strictly English speaking. Bustling city. 24 hours. So began our time in Paris – first stop on the Bristow-Enns-Tour-Of-The-Europes-Or-At-Least-Some-Of-Them. We made the wise decision to overwhelm ourselves with the biggest and most popular tourist attractions straight away. After a hearty and delectable meal of croissants, croissants and croissants (which include all 11 food groups – being health conscious, I checked), we (cough* I) expertly navigated the public transport like a true Laurie-Bristow-Spawn and we, along with alloftheAsians, arrived to drool over Notre Dame.

Photos will never capture the breathtaking magnificence that is this Cathedral – but you snap away furiously. The arches, the lights, the glass…. BLAH. It was an unbelievable space to explore and sit in.

Sweet Tourist Facts:

  • The Cathedral was built between 1163 and 1345
  • It is one of the largest religious buildings in the world
  • Notre Dame attracts about 13 million visitors each year
  • Access to the Cathedral is open and free of charge everyday of the year
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY it’s where The Hunchback lived

When touring foreign countries – one may find that navigating the streets can be a stressful, exciting and hair-pulling experience. We were fortunate enough to find this excerpt from the book ‘A Couple’s Guide To Getting Around & Other Remarkable Acheivements’ (part of the Oprah Book Club) and it was for sure a lifesaver.

Rules To Live By When Seeking Directions As A Couple:

  1. Draw straws and decide who will play ‘Damsel in Distress’ and who will scream very loud in case of attempted kidnapping.
  2. Damsel will stand alone, appear sad, confused, and available (crying over open map is optional – though encouraged).
  3. Parisian local will zero in the scent of helplessness and demand to get to know the Damsel ** Highlighted in image above
  4. Damsel will play coy for 2.5 minutes before milking local for all the directions he’s worth.
  5. Local will cooperate.
  6. Damsel will exclaim ‘their life-partner is waiting for them’ and skip away jauntily.
  7. Couple will reach their destination.


Croissants, beautiful city, old churches, efficient directions… First morning in Paris was tops.



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