Europe Trip: Exploring the Cinque Terre Part II



Day two of our Cinque Terre adventure was a packed one. In hindsight (how totally GREAT is hindsight – AMI RIGHT!?), we wouldn’t try to cram three villages into one day. Overstimulating as heck and friggin exhausting. But before I Debbie-Downer this day – let’s review the good bits. We took the morning train from Levanto to Vernazza and walked from Vernazza to Corniglia (pronounced: Cornelia). Aside from the weather murdering us with it’s laser beams of heat, the nightmares from the previous hike coming back to haunt us and no wine in sight – it was a fair trek into the next village. Highlight: purchasing the most expensive lemonade known to man (fresh squeezed lemons, water, sugar and I don’t know – diamonds?) so that we could sit and enjoy a trillion-dollar look-out. Photos don’t do it justice. It was a mesmerizing ‘pinch-me’ moment #worthalltheeuros #alotofeuros #kwaytoomanyeuros.

I would definitely recommend planning your visit to go from Corniglia TO Manarola. Reason being is because there are 382 steps that take you from the train station at the base of Corniglia up to the centre of the village. We were ecstatic that our lack of planning lead us DOWN these stairs instead of up them. I was sure to point and laugh mockingly at all the poor suckers trudging up a million stairs in the heat.

We ate our way through the next two villages – picking up tasty morsels in Riomaggiore, all in a cunning attempt to beat the crowds and retreat to our romantic beach in Levanto (this turned out to be a fabulous idea – we were both hangry, we had an argument over pee-breaks and I stormed back to the hotel in a snit – karma for laughing at the stair climbers? I think so).

Cinque Terre take-aways:

  1. Stay in Levanto. Wonderful vibe, cheaper then the five villages, great eats and beautiful sights!
  2. Don’t cram five villages into two days if you can help it/enjoy the feeling of not being rushed.
  3. Shoulder seasons are optimal for visiting. It was busy enough and warm enough in April – we can’t imagine hiking those tiny trails with summer traffic and heat (although some trails were not open due to it being early in the season).
  4. Whatever you do – do NOT have to stop to pee more frequently than your husband. ESPECIALLY if he’s hungry and tired. You will argue about necessary bodily functions. You will abandon the sunset on the beach. You will drink wine alone. You have been warned *



* All arguments have been repaired/made right. Logan now travels with a portable catheter she threatens to make Kevin insert if he so much as mentions urination. The catheter has yet to be used. 






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