Europe Trip: South of France B&B


The biggest problem I have stumbled upon when relaying our experience in the South of France – is the utter lack of gestures, similes, sound effects, and facial contortions that can properly convey the joyous impression this area of France made on us (mememememememe). Provence was my holy grail, it was my gravy, it was my Disneyland, it was my non-negotiable, it WAS my Europe trip. I had expectations that in all likely-hood should have been dashed to pieces, they were so unattainable. Expectations beginning with accommodations.

We chose to spend close to a week in the South of France (we, meaning, well… me), training from Levanto (Italy) to Nice, picking up our car in Nice and driving the rest of the way to Provence. Finding accommodations turned out to be a wee-bit tricky as we weren’t able to confirm our dates as soon as we would have liked. After weeks of scouring the inter-web, contacting many different places and coming up short, we struck gold with Le Mas des Aromes.

This beautiful B&B, run by husband and wife Michel and Isabelle, is nestled in a peaceful area [refer to link for address], perfectly situated to access a variety of different attractions sprinkled throughout the Provence countryside. Isabelle and Michel are attentive, personable hosts whose dedication to their home and guests ruins any future experiences at other establishments. Seriously. We’re screwed. Our first night was spent wining and dining in the outdoor dining room (pictured above) with the other B&B guests, as well as our hosts. Michel was our sommelier for the evening (pairing each dish perfectly with local wine) and Isabelle showered us with fresh, delicious dishes she had prepared. Although we were the English-speaking infants of the group (approx 30 year age gap between us and the rest of the crew), we had joyous, dickens of a time butchering the French language, miming like our lives depended on it, and appreciating that fact that no matter WHERE you come from – an appreciation for good food and good drink is universal, and if nothing else, we all grunt out “MmmMMmm… OoooOoooo, Auuugghhhhhh.. Nomnomnom.” when tastes consume us and words fail us.

To B&Bs, hosts with the mosts, and inaudible sounds of contentment.




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