Midsommar Madness

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Midsommar – a glorious celebration complete with feasting, friending, dancing and gaming (also a celebration sprung from pagan rites with rituals centered around worshiping fertility and a rich harvest – oh the fun you could have with THAT themed party). My sister went with the more socially enjoyable of the focuses and hosted a pimped out Midsommar ta-doo at her in-laws home in the US of A.

5 Steps to throwing a proper-good-fun-times-midsommar:

  1. Bring my parents. You may think my parents won’t add anything to your Midsommar event, but boy are you are wrong. My mother? You will just let her loose from the tiny box we keep her in (to preserve her energy) and she will ferociously putter until your party actually looks like a flower party from kinfolk-insta-heaven. She must be placed/forced back into her box once set-up is complete or she will waste away, tweaking linens and silently adjusting vases all night. My father? He schmoozes – works the crowd. While you are crying in a corner, worrying if your friends from high school will play nice with your friends from that commune-you-lived-in-that-one-time – he’s already split them into teams and orchestrating a round-robin, lawn-game tournament. Stop crying. He’s got your back.
  2. Always have too many flowers. Funny thing about flower crowns – they use shit-tons of flowers. Strange – I know. What started as a massive, seemingly wasteful amount of beautiful buds, was depleted to a meager bunch of prickly stems by the time we’d had our way with them. Be bold in your floral gatherings… And apologize to your neighbors later for thieving all of their prized peonies. For crying out loud Nancy, don’t you realize how expensive peonies are to buy?! Oh right Harold  – as IF I can afford that on my salary! *screams* I’ve got debt up to my EARS – WINE IS EXPENSIVE!!! *clips final peony and runs away*
  3. Spare the border guards having to question a bunch of rosy-cheeked Canadians wearing bouquets on their heads as they try and stumble back into their country by giving your guests a place to sleep. Bonus points if this place happens to be a large, white house riddled with bedrooms on a cool-couple acres with a crisp white fence. A blow-up air mattress also works.
  4. Make your guests run around in circles while hollering inaudible Swedish songs and acting like frogs. You think this is bizarre hyperbole. I wish this was bizarre hyperbole… Or the most incredible drinking game. But this my friends, is apparently tradition.
  5. Come prepared with fun, Scandinavian conversation starters. Such as: What are your thoughts on Midsommar having phallic symbolism? How about that Finnish ‘International Day of Failure’ – amiright?! Speaking of Finland – next year we’re going to follow their lead and have an ant-hill-sitting competition! Who’s with me?! Hey Suzie, Paul – meet me back in my room later, we’re going to snack on some rotten fish soaked in lye!

These are just five, sure-fire ways to throw a kick-ass Midsommar soiree. The event we attended touched on each of these areas and it was a beautiful, delicious, scintillating evening full of good food, good drink and better company. You can’t go wrong.






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