Dîner en Blanc


Last week, I had the pleasure of attending (for the first time) the 5th anniversary of Vancouver’s Dîner en Blanc (translated: epic, dress-up, pop-up party). This overly exclusive shebang is an invite only, sell your first born, or join the 100,000 person waiting list for a chance to participate. I was fortunate enough to weasel my way in through family connections (yay siblings) and snagged myself a table.

3 Big White Party Rules:

  1. All. White. Everything. You think maybe it’s cool to go ivory? Yeah – maybe it would be cool if YOU DIDN’T COME AT ALL.
  2. It is NOT provided. You forgot your table (white)? Your chairs (white)? Your cutlery (neutral)? Your table décor (mostlyentirelywhite)? Your snacks (ok – they make an exception for snacks)? Well you are an idiot.
  3. You pack it in, you pack it out. You know how hikers do? That’s how Dîner en Blancers do.

It was challenging not to let these tedious regulations get to me and I nearly tossed in the towel (a crisp, white one obviously) when it came time to search for a WHITEWHITE dress that didn’t blow my bank account. The dress-gods-from-hell had fun with me, let me tell you. They snapped their fancy fingers and all the white vanished from every dress rack known to man. At last, just as I was beginning to mentally spray paint a potato sack white, I found something 900% off and snapped it up. Attire = done.

Part of the uniqueness of this event is the super-secret location. You meet up in your designated check-in point and receive vague directions as to where they are going to house 6,000 people. Hundreds of people then make their way to this location. The weather was perfection – warm enough not to need layers (kill me now if I had had to find a pure, white sweater) but not scalding enough to sweat your 7 layers of make-up off. Upon arrival, you set up your tables and show-off your spread. Some intelligent people sit, relax, mingle, laugh softly and elegantly enjoy the spectacle that is this white party. Others choose to ‘beat the crowd’ and rush into the wine line. Here, they become exhausted. They sweat. They get angry. They wait an hour. They hate Dîner en Blanc. They agree that white is a stupid color and they will never return. And then I got my wine. And I was happy.

We ate, we drank, we wandered in a sea of white, enjoyed live music, we were entertained by dancers and acrobats and watched as 6,000 people lit up Vancouver with sparklers. It was such a extraordinary experience and one I look forward to repeating.

Photo cred: Ella Haus Photography

Photo edit: Lil ‘ol me





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  1. You captured it all so wonderfully, and the pics are amazing! I really enjoy your blogging, Logan – you display real talent with your humour and creative witisism! (But I am your Momma who loves you to the moon and back!) ❤️

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