The Most Important Tip When Buying Property In Vancouver, BC

Well for starters, take the idea of purchasing property in Vancouver, laugh about it with your closest friends over a bottle of bourbon, crumple it up in a little ball and toss it in the garbage.

PRO TIP: The secret to buying property in Vancouver, is to not buy property in Vancouver. Simple.

NOW – you are ready to start your house hunt!

Trying to acquire affordable, livable space in/near/spitting distance away from Vancouver is a daunting and horrifying-if-not-entirely-impossible experience. My husband and I – like the optimistic, adorable fools we are – plunged into the house-hunt over a year ago. Within days of looking, reality drop-kicked us in the pants. Our options were dismal at best. In order to own, we would have to live in 100 sf apartment with a shared toilet, live 450 floors up and re-home the dogs because everybody hates dogs. But here’s the best bit. Turns out, we had nothing to stress about – as the biggest issue isn’t finding a place in your price point that doesn’t crush your soul, it’s SECURING that place that doesn’t crush your soul. You found a place? Awesome! You emailed your realtor who is going to inquire about – oh – and it’s gone. You find another pl – oh – sold. OH MAYBE – nope – sold (from what I understand – people have started to camp outside of homes with fresh for sale signs… like they would for new Apple products).

One year, three cities away from our original choice and a partnership later – we have managed to find a fantastic home. At the end of this month, the old stressors of house-hunting, ‘almosts’, open houses and mortgage pre-approvals will soon be replaced by way easier things liiiike mortgages, house insurance, renovations, responsibility, tenants, property taxes, maintenance… And I can’t WAIT. *Photos of husband mid panic attack to follow as I spend all our money on DECORATING #lifestoshort #whoneedsaroofwhenyouhaveasickcouch*

Now, I’m not a complete dim-whit. OBVIOUSLY people do buy property in Vancouver. It is possible. Refer to the following list to see if you might be one of the lucky few to own in Vancouver!

Definitely own in Vancouver if…

1. Your great-grandparents gift you a ‘you’re a great great-grandchild’ house (would be rude not to accept).

2. You are able to purchase the closet in your friend’s apartment for $300,000 (snap that shit up – that’s a steal).

3. You thrive on outbidding any and all competition with your suitcases of cash monies – you don’t care if it’s an 90’s nightmare.

4. You love living on a postage stamp. The far out concept of livable space is moronic to you.

5. You don’t own a dog larger than a kitten. You DEFINITELY do not own two dogs.



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