The beautiful bits of pregnancy (thus far)

As I putter along in pregnancy, griping and moaning about the surprising (rough second trimester), the gross (the taste of sick all day/every day) and the bummer (two words: spider veins) side effects it brings – I OCCASIONALLY take a moment (force myself) to appreciate the bonus bits pregnancy provides.

For starters – I have never been more in tune with my digestive system (snaps for me). Nothing gets your attention quicker then being constipated for 5 days in a row… on a regular basis. Easing back on that coffee intake will do that to a gal. After a horrifying and scarring run in with some ‘digestive aid’ pills – I am thrilled to report my bowels are back on track (shout out to vega one nutritional shake).

Full-panel maternity skinny jeans. Hello BEAUTIFULS! This hipless, buttless wonder clicked her heels in joy when she slapped on her first pair of maternity jeans (ok, she didn’t click her heels – she ran and woke her husband up with a terrifying ‘pregnancy-panel’ dance). With comfort galore, these gems stay up on her ever-morphing bod, never threatening to shimmy off as she walks down a street. I’m hooked.

Generous, experienced mothers. I have been so fortunate to receive a whole host of pre and post pregnancy related items (anything from nursing pillows, maternity threads that make me want to keep on living to itty-bitty socks with skateparks on ’em). I have felt overwhelmed with gratitude as I been provided with things that are expensive, hard to find or are not required to be permanent items #forrealzhashtagblessed

Priority seating on public transit. Although often people are oblivious (yay smart phones) or not willing to budge (yay jerk faces) – I could make-out with most everyone who offers up their seat as I dread my 45 minute train ride home. So if you’re ever looking to get some…

Cereal. I have not had a solid relationship with a bowl of cereal since… high school? My new ‘second dinner’ = bowl of cereal. You looking for ways to amp up your cereal game? Of course you are. Have it in bed, surrounded by your puppies. Because pregnant or not – everything tastes better in bed surrounded by puppies.

The bizarre brain melts (yeeeeeeah, not meld – melt) that occur. I’ve been delighted to have experienced: forgetting everything, issuing bizarre/insane instructions, incredible dreams and warped realities. For example – there I am, staring out the window at one of the 15 rhododendron bushes residing in our backyard – when I frantically grab around for a stable surface to hold onto because the bushes are moving and swaying before my very eyes – surely I’m just about to pass out. This is how it ends. Me, alone and unconscious – eaten by my dogs. I LOVE YOU KEVIN – WE’VE HAD A GOOD RUN. GOODBYE WORLD, I WILL – Wait… Ah yes, the bushes are actually moving. Wind. Got it. Forgot about weather.

The bad-ass level of chill I’ve been able to maintain thus far (I have zero expectation this will maintain itself – but for my, my husband and our marriage’s sake, I have all pertinent body parts crossed). No wild and emotional outbursts, crying fits or super sensitive reactions. I won’t celebrate to much here as I want to keep the level of dumb I will feel when this is all turned on it’s head to a minimum.

Beautiful, little-people clothes. You think you like clothes? Now shrink them down until a doll could wear them and tell yourself you’re a bad mother if you DON’T provide for your future babe. You’ll be damned if another baby is to be clad in that pin-striped overall.

And finally, the icky-love stuff. I wasn’t prepared for the level of infatuation that came post baby-making. We both concur that there is a mysterious and delicious sky-rocket of love and admiration we have for one another (we make babies, hear us roar). It is absolutely eye-rolling, gag-worthy, nauseating stuff. Which leads me to believe that having a baby is definitely the answer to any/all deep rooted relationship problems. Of course, another probable theory is that your infatuation increases so that when your relationship is put through the ringer post-baby, you have a buffer to save you. You decide.

Pregnancy man… it’s bananas.


At A Glance:

Weeks Along: 22 – or as normal humans would say, 5.5 months.

Cravings: Currently – I am dying for fudgesicles. Kev, why haven’t you bought them for me? 

Hating: How putting socks on has become cumbersome. Can’t waiiitttttttttt for months 8 & 9. 

Loving: Feeling some fearsome baby kicks – don’t know what he’s so worked up about, but I swear he will exit my body via punch. 

Baby item: STROLLERS! It has been such a nightmare comparing and contrasting strollers. After months of agonizing, we have decided to sell our house and put the funds towards the Uppababy Vista.

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