6 Reasons To Book A Newborn Photoshoot

Your sweet, precious bundle has arrived! You’ve taken 4,509 grainy images of your six day old baby on your phone, but that’s not NEARLY enough – you can’t wait to get some professional images done. If you are sitting on the fence about whether or not to book a newborn session – here are six reasons why you should absolutely get ‘er done.

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Reason 1: Your friends and family have threatened to disown you if you send them one more amateur photo of your offspring making the same expression. No, they don’t think he’s ‘grown’ in the past six minutes.

Reason 2: You’ve scrutinized the photos that adorn your walls and realize that you and your spouse don’t look nearly haggard enough in any of them. Your picture frames are desperate for some sleep deprivation snaps. You’ll never look more unlike yourself – so GET THAT PHOTOGRAPHER ASAP.

Reason 3: You are just DYING to savagely destroy your closet in search of something, ANYTHING that fits over your gargantuan breasts and all your pillowy ‘extras’. You will find exactly one something that pretends to engulf your new body. You will not be thrilled – but just as your are about to have a tantrum, you catch a whiff of your newbie’s head and all is right with the world.

Reason 4: The sheepskins decorating your home are looking a little boring – you realize they could really use some pee and vomit to give them that authentic ‘bohemian-lived-in’ look. Photoshoots are perfect for this. Little babes who are nursed into a coma while also getting their bits strategically exposed are primed to generously distribute their bodily fluids on anything/everything. Your sheepskins will never look better.

Reason 5: You realize you want more chaos in your life. So you book that photoshoot for you, your partner, your fresh newborn and your two wild animals. Nothing screams wild like photographing frazzled parents, baby humans and over eager, attention seeking dogs. The jealousy? The barks? The squirms? The chaos? Let’s just say zoos have nothing on your family.

Reason 6: The last professional photos you’ve had taken were from your wedding. That was… awhile ago. Yes, you are still as cute as a button. But those new eye wrinkles are desperate for documentation. So chip-chop! Book away!


Our session with Angela (Ella Haus Photography) was a laid back, casual and natural affair. I have known Angela for a million and three years – so this definitely helped evoke that ‘candid feel’ – but if you do NOT have the luxury of knowing your photographer for at least a million years, she crushes at making connections and relaxed atmospheres for even the most awkward of individuals (cough*the dogs*cough). Her ease is contagious and her photography is the stuff you show everyone (sorry everyone). I am mega glad we ended up getting these done, as they beautifully capture these first, precious days with a babe who was once so small.

Newborn photos? Highly recommend it!

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