A Letter To A New Father – On Father’s Day

Hey New Dad,

I wanted to take the opportunity – as your son is just a wee bit slow in the typing department (like, painfully so) – to formally acknowledge you on this day of all days. Father’s Day. Your first one. You’ve always been a pretty special guy to me, but being ‘Dad’ has its joys and its challenges and we (mostly Kaden) would be foolish to overlook all that YOU have sacrificed and contributed to this fam.

So here’s to the Dad who spent the first few nights home with his newborn awake. Wide awake – because he was stressed that something might happen. Is he breathing? Is he choking? WHAT DOES THAT NOISE MEAN?! Meanwhile – ‘concerned’ Mum was snoring soundly away on her side of the bed. #aslongasoneofuscares…

Here’s to the Dad who clears counters, unloads dishwashers, scrubs pots and bites his tongue. Baby watching is hard work and they (the infant, the dogs and the Mum) try not to leave the house looking like a tornado just rocked through it… but they have their days. Their days where ZERO gets done. And the Dad comes home from work… and picks up more work at home.

Here’s to the Dad who packs up his son and two dogs for a proper outdoor adventure almost every morning before work so that the Mum can grab just a bit more shut eye (benefits everyone as the Mum is a frothing hulk of a monster if she’s under slept).

Here’s to that Dad who works long hours and schools long hours. The Mum watches him go – eying up his athletic, suited-up butt as it sashays (oh yes – sashays. K, maybe in her imagination it sashays) out the door in the morning – and knows that it’s hard and it’s tiring – and she’s so grateful that he is providing for them and sticking it out.

Here’s to the Dad whose mind was blown by how much he could actually like, nay, love his off-spring right outta the womb. The Dad who christens the off-spring with bizarre nicknames, narrates diaper changes, and is horrified by bowels movements (the Mum chuckles evilly and prepares her camera for the day the Baby starts solid food).

Here’s to the Dad who gets revved up about all the athletic gear and apparel that is required because, Baby. The Dad who is thrilled to add another 6 hours to his MEC trips, just to try on carrier backpacks and fondle waterproof fabrics for kids (Lord help the Mum keep her chill as she waits in the car). #truestory

Here’s to the Dad who pushes to be an equal part of the parenting experience. Who expresses that it’s often difficult when the Mum is the primary caregiver but strategizes ways to get involved.

Here’s to the Dad who doesn’t get as much space as the Mum and Baby do to cry, be frustrated, throw tantrums or be heard. This is all new for him to and it’s important he gets his turn to throw a fit (he could join Mum and Babe, Tuesdays at noon) or be taken care of.

Here’s to the Dad who dreams, plans, brainstorms, negotiates, argues, and celebrates with his family.

Here’s to the Dad who has managed co-sleeping like a champ/is thrilled he no longer has to get up during the night.

Here’s to the Dad who nerds out about his lawn/yard upkeep. Whose quality time with his son consists of strolling around the yard, putting him to sleep with long winded tales about his war with moss and how he can’t wait until next year cuz he’s going to really kick its’ ass.

Here’s to this Dad. This Dad is a great Dad. An imperfect Dad who works heck’a hard. Your pups, your kid and your wife depend on you and take you for granted sometimes (especially the kid – so needy and unappreciative). We love you, we see you and we celebrate you.

Happy First Father’s Day, Kev


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