Family Update – July 2018

In an effort to keep my blog pants on on a regular basis – I’ve decided to maintain a monthly family update. We are a pretty important crew and I know everyone wants a behind the scenes of our dazzling life. Wait no more!


I am nearly five months into my mat leave and definitely freaking out about time slipping through my fingers. I am experiencing a lot of internal struggles regarding returning to work and it’s a bummer. I’m also nearing my thirtieth birthday (I know, I know – I don’t look a day over twenty) so maybe I’m just having an early midlife crisis… Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? How can I stay home with my kid? Why is there never enough chocolate in the house? What is this sketchy glob in my hair? All terrifying questions I berate myself with daily. I’m also giving my photography and this blog space a bit of a think and stewing over some ideas/projects I want to implement in the next bit – both exciting and stressful (like all things good I hope?).

So, as I agonize over my self worth – I do my best to distract myself with things like thrifting (sorry Kevin), rearranging the house #daily (sorry Kevin), buying a new tree a week (sorry Kevin) and beautifying the back deck (NOT SORRY KEVIN – YOU LOVE IT). I knew ordering 30 packs of twinkle lights off of Amazon would be a great idea… I just didn’t realize HOW great of an idea (30 more packs ordered today – sorry Kevin). Overall, I’m loving the parenting life (stressors and all) and I am looking forward to whatever trials and triumphs lay ahead.


Kevin is slogging away at school and work (fun summer ahead folks) and fitting in house/family/dog/personal time when he can (typically between 9:30 PM – 12:30 AM). This has been/is hard on all parties, but it was a reality we knew we might face when trying to make a baby and I am doing my UTMOST to keep my whining to a minimum. Kevin has adapted to role of ‘Father’ very seriously, although not in the typical sense. During Kevin’s spare time, you will find him – clad in his socks, grass flecked runners and ill-fitting shorts and t-shirt – battling a lawn mower and cussing out his lawn like a true Dad. If you were to ask Kevin ‘what’s new bro?’ – he will absolutely launch into a harrowing tale of moss, grass seed, bare patches and how he’s going to resurrect his dry plot of land into a lush oasis. When these ferocious lawn attacks take place – I like to pull out a deck chair, pour myself a cocktail/bowl of popcorn, sit on the sidelines and heckle him from time to time (to help keep him motivated). He loves it and it really brings us together.

Perhaps Kevs biggest piece of news is that he recently took Kaden and the two dogs out for his first afternoon alone. To his credit – I received only one phone call expressing how the experience had been very good and also very bad. When the bedraggled gang collapsed back into the house – he very humbly expressed appreciation for what my life looks like on the day-to-day. I graciously accepted his words, ordered him to kiss my feet and poured him a stiff drink. He can’t wait for their first week alone together.


K-Rob has been experiencing the most aggressive changes of the fam. He is a laughing, rolling, bouncing, looking, busy four-and-a-bit month old. He’s eyes are turning to the dark side, his hair has yet to make up it’s mind, his thighs are storing up chub for the winter and he is showing off his chatty side more and more. He is still aces at car rides, loves being on the go (hallelujah) and worms his way into peoples good graces within seconds of meeting them. He has had quite the social calendar and luckily has a mother who is willing to chauffer his diapered arse around to his various engagements.

Kaden is keen on fitness and spends most of his free time working out either in the pool, in the jolly jumper or doing sit ups whenever he can (breastfeeding has become reallllll fun). Needless to say, the kid is ripped. Under all those milk rolls – there is a core that would put Captain America to shame.


Tucker and Wrenley have been enjoying morning walks with Dad and the less attractive, hairless brother. Tucker has taken on the role as Nana in the home and spends his time shadowing the hairless brother, licking up all messes made by the hairless brother and supervising all jolly jumper and pool time (taking on role of Trainer). Wrenley is mostly just a hot mess, starved for attention. To his credit, he doesn’t just lay around feeling miserable – he’s a proactive pooch. He’s coming out with a book later this year that will outline fifty-three ways to make the humans give you attention. These ways include/are not limited to:

  1. Stepping on your Dads testicles first thing in the morning
  2. Football tackling guests as they walk through the door
  3. Rolling in human shit found on hikes (you get LOTS of attention with this one)
  4. Eating all bowls of dog food – especially the ones that aren’t yours.

When Tucker is not supervising his tiny charge and when Wrenley is not in meetings with his editor – the boys have been spending quality time with Grandma and Grandpa up at the lake or biking the trails on Burnaby Mountain (you should see these boys bike – they are wild).


In summary – we are alive, experiencing ups and downs, getting tangled in twinkle lights and watching the summer wiz past us from the middle of our balding lawn.



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