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Dîner en Blanc

  Last week, I had the pleasure of attending (for the first time) the 5th anniversary of Vancouver’s Dîner en Blanc (translated: epic, dress-up, pop-up party). This overly exclusive shebang is an invite only, sell your first born, or join the 100,000 person waiting list for a chance to participate. I was fortunate enough to…

How Has Marriage Changed For Me?

Cheers to 5 years married. We gussied up, frolicked in/on nature and armed with some delicious local brew, we put together some questions to encourage us to take a beat and reflect on past, present and upcoming years. 1. How have we learned to cope with the normal, day-to-day ups and downs of married life?…

The Bachelor: S20 E02

Oh. Sweet. Mother. Whatever did we do to deserve The Bachelor/Bachelorette? Somewhere between the creation of mankind and present day we did something right and have been blessed with this incredible gift. I was late to The Bachelor game. Like… roughly 20 years late. I was a judger, an eye-roller and an all around hater….