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The Bachelor: S20 E02

Oh. Sweet. Mother. Whatever did we do to deserve The Bachelor/Bachelorette? Somewhere between the creation of mankind and present day we did something right and have been blessed with this incredible gift. I was late to The Bachelor game. Like… roughly 20 years late. I was a judger, an eye-roller and an all around hater….

Whistler Getaway: Part II

This particular Sunday began with me being able to check off a bucket list item. Bucket List Item 27: shriek and cause a scene in a coffee shop when meeting a FEMALE ‘Logan’. Until this day – I was resigned to walk alone on this earth, the sole ‘Logan’ with female parts. But there I am,…

Whistler Getaway – Part I

My in-laws have a place in Whistler, BC that they are generous enough to let us utilize from time to time. It is a beautiful house in a beautiful part of the world and we are spoiled rotten to have access to this home-away-from-home. The following is a peak into one of our weekend getaways. …