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We Who Brunch

Brunch Rules: Fabulous peoples. Delectable eats (smoked salmon, salami, Finn crisp, boiled eggs, various cracker spreads, fruit salad, coffee, homemade cinnamon buns…. Lots of drool) Aesthetically pleasing arrangements. Entertaining (if not stimulating) conversation. Be inspired. Go and brunch. Photos: Logan B and Josue Q

Whistler Getaway: Part II

This particular Sunday began with me being able to check off a bucket list item. Bucket List Item 27: shriek and cause a scene in a coffee shop when meeting a FEMALE ‘Logan’. Until this day – I was resigned to walk alone on this earth, the sole ‘Logan’ with female parts. But there I am,…

Whistler Getaway – Part I

My in-laws have a place in Whistler, BC that they are generous enough to let us utilize from time to time. It is a beautiful house in a beautiful part of the world and we are spoiled rotten to have access to this home-away-from-home. The following is a peak into one of our weekend getaways. …