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The Bachelor: S20 E08

      The Overview: The Bachelor knocks it out of the park with the most deceiving episode to date. Here we are, the captive audience, eagerly awaiting the drama, the tears and the crazy that the promos promise us (which we deserve) – only to be let down by a relatively low-key and ‘normal’ hometown…

The Bachelor: S20 E07

The Bachelor. A glittery show made up of dozens of bachelorettes from heaven, hell, and funny farms, a handsome bachelor determined to find his mate and all the tears, spray tans and misguided attitudes one can tolerate before vomiting into one’s own shoes. The Bachelor Season 20 Week 7… The Summary.   The Overview: The…

The Bachelor: S20 E02

Oh. Sweet. Mother. Whatever did we do to deserve The Bachelor/Bachelorette? Somewhere between the creation of mankind and present day we did something right and have been blessed with this incredible gift. I was late to The Bachelor game. Like… roughly 20 years late. I was a judger, an eye-roller and an all around hater….